Designed for one purpose: to make people feel good. It is the only machine designed and built to lengthen the posterior chain and to improve its elasticity, lightening and improving muscle tension and joint machine. It is the solution for the best stretching experience, without overcompensation from other muscle and joint groups producing immediate and long-term training benefits.

The central bar and the side handles, are adjustable in height and width making it suitable for all people with a height between 150 and 210 cm. The seatback follows the unique principle of the Vertebral Design. Its design and creation were inspired by supporting the spinal column, and it immediately adapts to the physiological characteristics of the user. Unlike straight seats, the segments of the VERTEBRAL DESIGN seat offer the best comfort and support even to people of different heights, weights, and body shape.

The seat is anatomical, designed to ensure that the position of the user is self-centred, facilitating the correct posture during the whole exercise. The densities with which it was made tend to balance the physiological compression zones eliminating back pain and the risk of pressure soreness.

The selector is designed to unlock the movement and adjust it according to the length and rigidity of the user.
The machine is equipped with a handle and wheels to facilitate a smooth and comfortable movement for each user.

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