Unique, Functional, Safe

Born of a deep knowledge of free-weight training, it combines characteristics such as reliability, performance, durability and design.

One of the salient traits of this bench is the flexibility arising from a practical, safe and easy to use adjustments system.

It is user-friendly, since the adjustments system is based on the widely used chaise longue mechanisms.

A highly appreciated characteristic is seat density, making for great comfort and at the same time providing the necessary support, even during highly intensive training.

Because of the attention devoted to each practical detail, this bench is appreciated by the most demanding athletes. Also valued are its design and space occupied. 

Seat and back can be adjusted to obtain any configuration, a feature that no other professional bench can provide.

The position of the barycentre, the handle and the wheels make the bench stable and at the same time easy to handle.

The design of the frame echoes the angles and lines of the Human Rack and the Flat Bench, making it a fully integrated member of the Canali family.



Steel frame

Powder coated

Transport handle

Built-in wheels 



Length 160 cm

Width 60 cm

Height 20 cm

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