Human half rack is designed for athletes and made for everyone: a combination of biomechanics, functionality, materials, and strict quality controls. The materials with which it was built are resistant and durable such as powder coated steel, stainless steel, and stainless screws.

The integrated footplates on the safety bars can be used to facilitate multi-grip traction, favouring the use of the highest grips even for the shorter people. They can also be used to perform assistance actions during the exercises.
The fastening for elastic bands is made in modules with three hooks, essential to combine the use of weights with elastic bands.

The pivot for the rocker arm is used to place the rocker arm. The barbell rack can be positioned in different positions and is made of stainless steel. The disc holder is an optimal accessory for turning the tool into a functional rack. The upper ring is designed to be used in training with suspension trainers, rope elastic bands and speed resistors. The clamp holder made of stainless steel is the indispensable accessory for storing springs, elastic bands, and clamps. The dip bars are removable, to enable bodyweight dip exercises.

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