This is a postural rotation machine with abdominal stabilization for the strengthening of the quadriceps, triceps surae muscles, buttocks and ischiocrural muscles through the extension action of the knee and the hip. It allows the user to employ progressive auxotonic resistance to maximise the training benefit. The “Safety Knee” system lowers the tension on the knee, and the Canali “Safety Back” system reduces the tension on the back.

The lifting motion of the machine allows the user to produce the resistant load without using added weights. The same lifting movement supports the spinal column and stabilizes the abdominal muscles during the workout. The machine rises in the opposite direction to the thrust, supporting the back on the seat, producing a progressive support to the higher loads that this machine can generate. The machine can be used

to train one limb at a time, ideal for elite athletes, the deconditioned market of for injury rehabilitation.
The width of the platform allows you to push forward the forefoot to work on the anterior chain, or with the heels to work on the posterior chain. The Auxotonic resistance, or the progressive load resistance, allows you to train at optimum levels during the entire range of movement without decreasing the training in the most favourable execution angles. The rotation of the machine engages the abdominal muscles reducing the compression action on the knee, allowing a muscular action without producing tension on the tendons (the Canali “Safety Knee System”).


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