The Human Run has unique features that make it one of the quietest on the market so the environmental sound foot print is ideal for small spaces and personal training locations.
Designed with ergonomic’s and feel in mind, it feels like you are running on natural surfaces.

With the latest technology and materials it has a cushioning system designed to react to your technic and footprint pressure.

With digital technology and software your top speed can reach 22km/h catering for the most professional athlete. Whilst monitoring and managing your heart and training requirements with ultimate result of helping to achieve your goals in a safe and efficient way.

Human Entertainment

For an effective and involving training. Developed on an Android platform, it is characterized by its simple use. The training programs are customizable according to your needs.

The Virtual Reality on board allows you to train in evocative and experience enhancing scenarios. A Smart TV is also available to assist your running and workout experience. Moreover, you can connect all your portable devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to provide a complete and truly satisfying training experience.

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