The only seat that helps you stabilise and exercise all the muscles in your body. We like to say that computers keep people sitting all day long, and we have found a way to make people exercise while sitting.

This innovative idea was born of the observation of people moving in space: We noticed that to keep their balance, they have to move.

Hence, we designed a new Human Ball that can centre itself and always remain in the same position.

This means you have to maintain an active and correct posture all the time, correcting the imbalances caused by the positions that come natural when sitting in an office chair.

Thanks to the new rotational printing technique 3D Evolution, we were able to double the intensity of the material that can be obtained in a single pass and create a dual density ball that centres itself automatically. This dual density makes the lower part of the ball extra stable and the upper part extremely comfortable.

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Comfortable, thanks to its unique cover

The special cover enveloping the Human Ball is made of a special fabric made in Italy and specially conceived for this product. This fabric is hypoallergenic and antibacterial and adapts perfectly to the shape of the Human Ball.

Another functional feature of the cover is the handle, which lets you move the ball effortlessly and helps you position it properly.


How to choose one?

The Human Ball and its components are entirely made in Italy according to the Green Factory principles. Thanks to careful production processes, the Human Ball meets all the safety requirements and has all the features of a Unique and Distinctive quality product, as reflected in its attractive design.


Made in Italy uncompromisingly

Having compared the Human Ball to all the gym balls available on the market, we can confirm that it is the only one 100% made in Italy. Every product undergoes stringent manual checks, then it is deflated and folded by hand.



Cover fabric: hypoallergenic, antibacterial, self-extinguishing.

Ball made of a crosslinked compound that makes it puncture-proof.

Double density

Free from phthalates and latex (harmful to people’s health)

Burst Resistant Quality (BRQ) Certification

PVC – VINYL material certification (eco-friendly products, no air pollution)

Produced according to European Directives 91/338/EEC on safety and 89/677/CE on lead and cadmium content.

Made in Italy


Size: 55 cm

Weight: 2.10 kg

Max weight of user: 180 kg

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