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    n° 1 Human Run LED

    The Human Run has unique features that make it one of the quietest on the market so the environmental sound foot print is ideal for small spaces and personal training locations.
    Designed with ergonomic’s and feel in mind, it feels like you are running on natural surfaces.

    With the latest technology and materials it has a cushioning system designed to react to your technic and footprint pressure.

    With digital technology and software your top speed can reach 22km/h catering for the most professional athlete. Whilst monitoring and managing your heart and training requirements with ultimate result of helping to achieve your goals in a safe and efficient way.


    n° 1 Flexibility Machine

    Designed for one purpose: to make people feel good. It is the only machine designed and built to lengthen the posterior chain and to improve its elasticity, lightening and improving muscle tension and joint machine. It is the solution for the best stretching experience, without overcompensation from other muscle and joint groups producing immediate and long-term training benefits.

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