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    Human Gym

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    n° 1 Human Run Touch

    The Human Run has unique features that make it one of the quietest on the market so the environmental sound foot print is ideal for small spaces and personal training locations.
    Designed with ergonomic’s and feel in mind, it feels like you are running on natural surfaces.

    With the latest technology and materials it has a cushioning system designed to react to your technic and footprint pressure.

    With digital technology and software your top speed can reach 22km/h catering for the most professional athlete. Whilst monitoring and managing your heart and training requirements with ultimate result of helping to achieve your goals in a safe and efficient way.

    n° 1 Chest Press 2.0

    Postural rotation allowing for the stabilization of your abdominals. Plus converging push action, for the training of pectoral muscles, which includes Auxotonic progressive resistance,
    With the added safety of a lower tension on your the back.
    The Chest Press machine is ergonomically designed to adjust to your body which allows you train and target your choice of muscle groups.

    n° 1 Leg Extension 2.0

    Postural rotation machine with abdominal stabilization for the strengthening of the quadriceps muscles through the knee extension action. Progressive auxotonic resistance. “Safety Knee” system for lowering the tension on the knee and reducing the risk of hyper extension and hyper flexion. Canali’s “Safety Back” system reduces the tension on the lower back.


    n° 1 Leg Press 2.0

    This is a postural rotation machine with abdominal stabilization for the strengthening of the quadriceps, triceps surae muscles, buttocks and ischiocrural muscles through the extension action of the knee and the hip. It allows the user to employ progressive auxotonic resistance to maximise the training benefit. The “Safety Knee” system lowers the tension on the knee, and the Canali “Safety Back” system reduces the tension on the back.

    n° 1 LAT Machine 2.0

    Postural rotation machine with abdominal stabilization with divergent traction action for training the muscles of the back. Featuring auxotonic progressive resistance and Canali’s “Safety Back” system, it reduces the tension on the back. The position of the handles allows personalisation in intensity and training to improve the depth and thickness of the back muscles and to the stabilisers and fixers within the shoulder girdle.

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