When technology and design join forces in Italy. These highly functional weights have been specially conceived for those who want to keep in shape with a style that admits no compromise.

Their state-of-the-art design combines with the unique functionality given by the handle that characterises this product and the entire Canali System range.

Matt finishes make the weights in this range ideally suitable for free-weight training practice. The first functionally designed dumbbells for use at home, in a gym, a hotel.

Conceived by drawing inspiration from the steering wheel of F1 cars, the handle used for the entire range may be grabbed safely and firmly from any angle and has been dimensioned to accommodate hands of any size, making for maximum comfort of use and an impression of efficiency while training.

The iron mass in dumbbells is machined by means of a 6-axis robot, making these elements “precious” and attractive with their enveloping design.

Their matt satin finish is obtained by means of an electroplating treatment that makes them sturdy and silky to the touch. This treatment is normally used to make jewellery.

We like to call our Human Weights “training jewels”.



The range is comprised of dumbbells weighing from 1 to 10 kg.

Made in Italy

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